Staff No Peanut Parent Letter 2023-2024

Peanut Free School 

2023-24 Homework Policy

Homework Policy

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures:

The school day will begin promptly at 8:00am and end at 2:20pm. Remember: ALL STUDENTS ARE WELCOME FOR BREAKFAST BETWEEN 7:30am AND 7:40am. 

Arrival- Please see the following arrival/dismissal locations. Parents of students in Grade 1-5 will not be permitted inside the gates or arrival locations. 




64th Road-(side gate near the rear of building)


65th Avenue-side gate near rear of building (starting week2)

Grade 1

BackYard through the basketball courts

Grade 2

BackYard through the basketball courts

Grade 3

BackYard through the basketball courts

Grade 4

102 Street

Grade 5

102 Street


Students will be dismissed between 2:10-2:20pm at the same location of arrival. All students will be escorted out of the building by their teachers. All Students must have a Dismissal Form on File with the classroom Teacher. If students are going to the Beacon YMCA or Thinking Caps after school programs they will be picked up at the classrooms.

Walkers: ONLY 4th and 5th Grade students may walk home unaccompanied. Signed and notarized documentation MUST be submitted to the school beforehand. Please see the main office for the form. Additionally, please be aware that although these students may walk home alone, they CANNOT take home a younger sibling. 

Late Pick Up

Student dismissal ends at 2:20pm. Students will be in their outdoor location until this time. Students who are not picked up at 2:20pm will be brought to the late pick up location in the Auditorium. If you arrive late please go to the back of the school yard and wait for the late pick up staff to bring the students outside at 2:30pm. Please be reminded that staff are not available to supervise students after the school day ends at 2:20pm. Parents must be on time to pick up children.

During the first week of school

Kindergarten parents will be allowed entry into the large school yard and can walk with their children over to their children’s Kindergarten teacher. After the first week of school parents will NOT be allowed to enter the large school yard and must drop off their children at the yard entrance which is located between the school yard (basketball courts) and the playground and closest to 64th Avenue. 

Pre-K parents will be allowed entry through the black gates located on 64th avenue and can walk their children over to meet their Pre-K teacher. During the first week, Pre-K students will arrive at 9:00.