"Engaged Together We Do"

At PS 175Q, we have a vision that is dedicated to leading our students, staff, and families on a journey of self discovery to impact the world  and community.

We strive to create a safe, nurturing learning environment built around personal development and choice for community members. It is our goal to provide opportunities for high quality teaching and inquiry-based learning to stimulate critical thinking to prepare successful leaders of tomorrow, and explore multiple career pathways. With an emphasis on our agreed upon community standards of problem solving, communication, leadership, and continuous learning, we create partnerships within our communities to engage in real-world experiences where the application of our community standards come alive.  The opportunities and partnerships at P.S. 175 will provide community members authentic experiences to learn and grow in order to provide readiness for the ever changing world around us.

By building capacity in cross curricular opportunities, PS 175 will develop student knowledge in career pathways and prepare them to solve real world challenges. Fostering student ingenuity and self motivated problem solving while engaging our community will enable all stakeholders to participate in interest and strength based opportunities. Through our partnerships and focus on student literacy, we will develop resourceful and independent leaders that possess critical academic and social skills to thrive in the ever changing world.